Franco Cinelli – Cuts From The Vault EP – Unlock Recordings

As far as vibrant drums, primed full of energy, plus a heavy dose of occasion go then this reworking of Saccobros – Why Not defies a certain logic. Finally appearing on vinyl this 2009 original now gets reworked and jacked-up scoring high on all points care of Franco Cinelli’s excellent, forward thinking remix. It’s not often these days you hear something that feels just that bit different, finding its own path, but this certainly does sequencing brisk percussion together with the eventual charge of heavy stabs alongside the rush of emotive, swirling strings over the course of ten epic minutes. Two new tracks then follow: the intriguing Morph Sense and the probing Dub Sine Of The Moon completing this great release from the Buenos Aires imprint.

Release: September 4

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