Gåddisøn Q&A

Welcome to Magazine Sixty, Garrie. Let’s start with the sound of the music you currently create, can you tell us about the bands or artists which drew you in that direction growing up?

Hello and thank you for the interview. So, when I started listening to Minimal Techno the artists that drew me in this direction were Super flu, Audion and Richie Hawtin and other artists along those lines. It was that blippy / glitchy rolling bass, minimal Techno kind of groove that i fell into and has stuck with me for all these years. They have definitely helped shape the sound that I create today.

You launched your own label Gaddison Music at the beginning of this year. What made you decide to start a label and how have you found the process, has it been what you thought it might be?

I had been releasing music on various record labels for some time which I enjoyed as my music was being heard across other parts of the world and it was great that someone liked my music enough to want to release it. Looking forward I thought the next best move would be to start my own label and so far it definitely feels like the best move. I am now in control of release dates, promo and most importantly, the music itself.

The labels third release: 848 if also from you. What’s the significance of the numbers?

These numbers are simply my date of birth which is ’84 and I had grown up in a house which the door number was 48, basically I combined the numbers that meant a lot to me. Also 8:48 is that time I tend to catch when looking at a clock, Its like a good luck combination of numbers that seems to make me happy.

Klubikon · PREMIERE: GaÌŠddisøn – 848

Can you talk us through how you produced one of the tracks, including any favourite software /hardware you like to use? Do you tend to start with a single idea/ note or does inspiration come from something you have watched or heard from outside the studio?

These tracks especially, started with Native Instruments hardware/software controller “Maschine” where I created the initial ideas by tapping the pads to form a pattern in the direction of the style I wanted to make. As soon as I had the feel of the track I dragged each part individually into logic creating audio files. I think the most important thing is to get an idea written down and move on with the track as quickly as possible to capture the sound and the mood that you are in. Most of my inspiration is from little ideas that pop up in my head either from watching TV, my children or when I am out working.

Do you think that House/ Techno constantly reinvents itself? Or do those terms refer more aptly to music from the past, could contemporary sounds now be called something new? Are musical labels important in the first place?

Gaddison Music · GÃ¥ddisøn – The Cause ep

Yes, I think House and Techno constantly reinvents itself. It is always evolving and moving with the times. Although elements of the original genre are getting left out in the “new age” House and Techno music that we hear today I think it is important that we remember the roots of where it came from. House and techno does cover a wide range these days therefore I think sub genres are important.

Outside of electronic music what inspires you in term of artists, writers, painters etc? Or does inspiration always come from hearing other pieces of music?

I would say that most of my inspiration is from other musical artists from listening to radio stations and mixes. On a weekly basis I listen to Nicole Moudaber with “in the mood radio” where she plays music from all over the world and is on a level I can relate to when out at festivals and nights out. Another place I get inspiration from is either Ibiza Global Radio or Ibiza Sonica Radio, both really cool stations I listen to on the app whilst going from job to job, always good music I can also relate to.

Gaddison Music · GM001 GÃ¥ddisøn – Green Belt ep

What are your feelings on the future of music in terms of artist revenue? And how do you see club culture changing (or not) post Covid-19?

This is a hard one as the music scene has been hit really hard and the outcome of all this is still unknown. I am optimistic though and I do see it getting back to somewhere near normal when everything opens up.

And finally. What are your plans for the remainder of 2021?

I am continuing to release my own material on Gaddison Music and there are some remixes in the pipeline for this year. I am just going to keep it rolling and see where it goes.

GaÌŠddisøn – 848 – Gaddison Music is released 30-04-2021


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