Galen – Sensory Distortion EP – Culprit

House Music that shines. Galen Abbott’s excellent future thinking dive into electrifying rhythms is little short of explosive. Love the way the arrangement feels like its changing direction by the introduction of different sounds layering up powerfully as the drums punch above their weight, coupled with cool chords and soaring effects on the apt Climatic Tendency. Next, Fear From Your Mind blends old school Chicago Acid together with wild abandon which gets contrasted beautifully by the warmth of deeper pads. The remix comes from Kim Ann Foxman no less who injects a rougher, tougher edge into the affair via heavy-duty bass alongside a fiery tempo offsetting it all this time with a rush of gated keys and trippy voices. The fast-forward drive of Instrumental Sounds ends with a further nod to the 80’s with classic drum machines intertwined with loopy basslines plus a general funky sass to complete this brilliant release.

Release: October 1

Culprit · CP096: Galen – Climatic Tendency

Culprit · CP096: Galen – Fear From Your Mind

Culprit · CP096: Galen – Instrumental Sounds
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