Gemini Revolution – Switching In and Out of Consciousness – 8D Industries

When you listen closely you can hear the sound of history reverberating in that timeless way certain frequencies do so readily. In this instance I like that I can hear influences being feed into the collective consciousness just as you can also determinedly hear the artists own unique imprint. As I increasingly review music without many drums based around mood or challenging atmosphere’s it can be hard to come up with something new to say but in this case the album’s title really says all that needs to be.

Spectral, which begins the release sounds like space unfolding. I Cause My Own Delay, features the twang of tasty bass guitar alongside acoustic notes deftly played. Beauty Quarks wobbles like freaky sci-fi. Slowly Gone offers a warm glow of uplifting introspection. South Pole, contrasts with a questioning that never quite gets resolved. Sentient Basic Music almost misses a kick drum below the pulsating bassline and modulating synthesizers as they open and close teasing out melody and Acid invention. Very cool.

Release: July 29

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