Gina Breeze – After Dark EP – Classic Music Company

This ticks all the boxes for me. Informed by the past yet diving straight into the future with rigours delight. If you still want to call it House Music rather than a mutation into something else then here is your starting point. Sizzling with electronic possibility, sleazy intention although capturing a sense of communal spirit, peaking at Acid attitude while reaching spine-tingling moments is the artists’ succinct five plus minutes of gorgeous ecstasy: After Dark. Conversely, Look Don’t Touch provides more brutal to the point movements again sequencing a past drenched in Roland 303 plus a deft dancefloor sensibility, along with Ted Rogers’ human vocal touch. Leaving the more retrospective Reckless to delve back into late night, early morning rhythms that fire hot snares and caustic notation right at you.

Release: August 25

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