Goldie – Timeless (The Remixes) – London Records

I listen to this and I think. Dance or electronic music can so often be time limited, defined by an era, usually accompanied by a hackneyed journalistic term. What remains to be loved about Timeless is that it flies free from those restrictions carving out its own space in time. Revisiting something released back in the summer sunshine of 1997 can feel like a daunting task given the thoughts from first sentence. But important Art thankfully transcends.

This injection of fresh impetuous curated by Goldie’s choice of remixers celebrates the innate power inherent in the music and it’s the sheer breadth of styles and sounds that likewise inspire so readily here. From Jazz to heady atmospheric expanse, to brutal interrogation, to soulful words it must feel proud to hold such quality within your hands.

Like reshaping history the album testifies to all that has gone before, while pointing to what could be about to happen. There are no highlights from this album because, put simply, they all are. Although as dawn broke this morning the Trevino remix of Inner City Life, along with the exhilaration of Scar’s version of Angel scrambled, then reconfigured the starting points of reference. Time, as always, flies…

Release: July 21


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