Gottwax present: Nottwax – A Gottwood Compilation

Whatever you may feel about festivals and their place in club culture there is little doubt that the landscape would be entirely different without them. Which, as a result of the current Covid-19 pandemic is plain enough for all to see. What happens next may evolve into something new, or just different, or maybe even not at all care of a vaccine. Time will tell. In-between then and now you can be reassured by this selection of wonderful sounds which, as Gottwood does, explores the terrain of diverse musical selection. On board with the newly revitalised label is none other than Geoff Kirkwood aka Man Power so as you might expect the unexpected is delightfully apparent. There are plenty of standout moments to savour as this compilation of some thirty tracks features many familiar names from DJ Tennis to Ron Basejam and Roman Flügel. Also listen out for BOBBY – The Blind Beggar and Maxxi Soundsystem’s excellent Lost In Trigon, just two of many notables to whet your appetite for 2021 and further adventures on the beautiful island…

Release: July 20

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