Hansgod – Vata River – Magnitude Recordings

This latest, breathless production from Hansgod sees the producer ignite a shuffle of funky drums alongside an ethereal expanse of pads in most pleasurable ways. You get so involved in it all that by the time a voice appears, seemingly out of nowhere, it catches you very much off guard but then not expecting the expected is part of the strength of the title track. Two remixes, firstly from a shimmering Around Us who employ a cascade of synthesised arpeggios to heighten the tension, and from Maezbi who drops down a gear into the contrast of blissful turmoil while exercising the breath all over again.

Release: Decemeber 21

buy https://www.beatport.com/release/vata-river/3214365

Magnitude Recordings · PREMIERE: Hansgod – Vata River
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