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It’s appropriate to term Henrik Lindstrand’s creative output as prolific completing albums, concerts, soundtracks and more over the course of recent years. Now landing at the release of this series of reworked episodes his striking music sees a number of likeminded musicians provide fresh interpretations as Reimagined. Part of what is exciting here is the sense that the Classical format has been reignited (yet again) with the pulse of electronic energy and contemporary production techniques allowing for the shock of the new to take firm hold. At times the passage of time feels dreamy, at others shades darker dancing with intensity such as on Christina Vantzou’s take of Havet or via the grainy treatments by Benoit Pioulard of Loranga. Then comes the Anne Müller version and single Søndermarken which of course takes you into the realms heavenly climbs as emotions are reached for, then dissipated into an ether of silence. At moments like these music can feel truly plugged in and very much alive, pointing forwards the future rather than too stuck in the past. The way composition should proudly be….

Release: September 17
Buy https://henriklindstrand.bandcamp.com/

henriklindstrand · Søndermarken (Reimagined by Anne Müller)

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