Hifi Sean ‘Ft. Excursions’ LP – Plastique Recordings

Funny. Just for a second I thought I was listening to music. You know, as in proper music with chords and vocals and all of the things I grew up with. But of course it’s not just that, is it. It’s the production too which sounds just as fabulous loud, or quite. An album of hot Dub versions also casts your mind back – yes to the early eighties. And it was sometimes that that’s where a lot of the magic lay waiting to be fully revelled. Depending on how much you relished the songs on the critically acclaimed (everywhere it seemed) Ft. may determine your thoughts on these sometimes weird, generally wonderful re-imaginings. But take it from me each new track sends excitement shivering through your veins until you end up at the Jackie House ‘Bullets Workout’ of A Kiss Before Dying featuring the missed Alan Vega. Not to forget the blissful dub of Monday Morning Sunshine which introduces the experience, or Yoko Ono’s super funky charged rework by Yam Who. Or for that matter any of the other future sounding Music contained on here.

Released: Mat 26

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