High Season – The Call – Permanent Vacation

As much as this new album from Chloé and Ben Shemie is about noise it’s also about depth of meaning, and yearning. Voices intone while drums and bass drive, as keys and a collection of haunting sounds permeate the diverse stereo field of vision on offer here. Put it this way there is never a dull moment in The Call’s duration or one that doesn’t feel placed there for the reason of creating maximum effect. For the comparative tender side try Minor Blues, although offset by a darker, unnerving edge it still touches the soul. Curiosity reigns supreme on pieces such as Stratégies Obliques as the combination of the artists voices suggest questioning over its high impact, low-density music and sounds. More figurative formations aim towards the dancefloor like aAria, leaving you at the point of no return as Summercamp completes the album, compounding beautiful strangeness amid smouldering notation and unresolved tension. Personally, it’s a brilliant, firecely potent listen.

Release: April 7 buy https://chloethevenin.bandcamp.com/album/the-call

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