Hot City Orchestra – I Almost Danced (Pt2) – Internet Is Over

Where will it all end. This journey into the deep recess of atmospheric beauty is both a radical and exciting one leaving you with the celluloid impression that you’ll never know quite what lies around the bend. Travelling in excess, hot-wired into a future of the possible is after all much more tempting than regurgitating yet more rusty old disco vinyl from the late 1970’s and consequent decade. Composed by the collaborative mind-set of Arno Volker and Simon Birkenfeld this electrifying creation of events feels perfectly poised and yet out of control diving into another world of imagination that is defiantly / relatively unconnected to the past.

Begin with the teasing, Jazzy free-form renditions that form 6 Tracks One Bottle, which quite simply takes your breath away across its entire 16.38 mins timeframe. Followed by the bubbling, undulating funkiness of HO HO HCO. From thereon in movements remain modular in nature producing a fierce escape from the conventional that is so very tempting to these ears. The frisky, up-tempo rhythms of No Return deliver the type of intensity people dream off as unnerving voices alongside fizzy electronics pull you apart in multiple directions. Ending on the blissfully indiscreet Orchestra Krell (Outro) set to only exist in an provocative, notably short timespan that perhaps states in words all that needs saying.

This is only the second part of three sections of the album which extends its reach into a wealth of different styles. I just happened to particularly love this landscape to get lost in.  

Release: September 9

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