Inal Bilsel – Paradise Lost LP – Epic Istanbul

Don’t let sitting at the crossroads between Vangelis and Brian Eno tempt you into thinking that you’ve got Paradise Lost sussed. That would be a blind mistake. And as we move headlong into the forthcoming year possibilities ignite for attention. The best, most exciting music’s will of course be those that push boundaries and reimagine the past in new shapes moulded into fresh forms. Inal Bilsel’s break taking new album falls headlong into those categories as for example Mesaoria By Dawn defies its own beautiful logic at times both haunting and surreal. Conversely melodies are employed on the guitar punctuated Memory Initialized which crosses dividing lines between Techno and Rock, while Off The Beat brings to mind a spacy Donald Fagan via Air’s late-90’s alternatives. A reassuring return to ambience also seeks recognition on Stranded In Time as tastefully jazzier climbs are then reached by Dreamer’s Paradise. A total of twenty tracks make up the listen as breathy atmospheres compete with a myriad of styles but somehow, and most impressively, it all makes perfect sense when experienced together.

Release: January 2018

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