Infolines 004 – The Bankle – Infolines

Comprised of four artist variations The Bankle begins with Francois Dillinger’s explosive burst of Electro, Inner Peace and ends with the defiant four on the floor pulse of Not Sure by ADMN and Francois Dillinger. In-between times is the brilliant, cosmic dance of electricity generated via Remote Viewing Party’s Five Conductor, plus the up-tempo splash of Shampoo Dub featuring Tree from Mister Joshooa and Jeremy Kypta, bookmarking this equally standout release from Detroit’s Infolines with smouldering vocals alongside shimmering keys. Each number defines its own timestamp providing uniquely inspired sounds and attitude to match. You won’t be disappointed.

Release: March 4

44,100Hz Social Club · PREMIERE | Francois Dillinger – Inner Peace [Infolines] 2022

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