Inhmost – Dream Oscillator – The Soundgarden

Nick Warren’s label most definitely lives up to its promise with the release of this inspired, surely self-explanatory number: Dream Oscillator. Its sublime expressions glide effortlessly across the airwaves as pulses of electronically generated music undulates, engaging all five senses in its process. Thankfully this is impossible to easily categorize. It simply exits as a great piece of music. Two excellent remixes accompany Simon Huxtable’s original with the Acid strains of Anton Dhouran’s smoking with anticipation, while Oona Dahl’s engages House rhythms alongside its proud sequence of fizzy electronics. Next, That Feeling pushes 80’s styled melodies in your direction with an intense remix care of Nitemooves. Leaving a return to bliss as the chiming notes of Breathe Life complete the vision via a surge of introspective keys plus tastefully darker Bass for contrast.

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