Initials interview (with David Elkabas and Ste Roberts)

How did the three of you get together to set up Initials? How does the label differ from Hypercolour?

D: I was working on label management for Hypercolour with Alex and Ste already and we all enjoyed working with each other so this was a logical step.

S: Yep as Dave says.  Hypercolour is me, Alex and Jamie.  Jamie started his own little projects, so me and Alex decided to get a little baby on the go, approached Dave and away we go.
Tell us about your second release Jay Bliss ‘The Art Of Doing Nothing EP’?

D: For me the kind of record we want to be releasing and what Initals is all about.

S: Jay Bliss is an old artist I have worked with in the past, and has become a good friend.  On Skype one evening he decided to send me a draw dropping demo where pretty much every track hit the spot.  One thing led to another, we snapped them up and decided to go all out with a Romanian vibe, and who better to approach then Pedro!  So far it has been smashing the vinyl stores.  Sold out at the distributers so all in all… HAPPY DAYS.

What’s coming up from Hypercolour?

S: Just to throw a few out there… Groove Armada, Mosca, George Fitzgerald, Alex Jones with Larry Heard remixes, etc… You get the jist.
What club nights are you currently running?

D: Label Events mainly but there are rumours of Initials parties this summer.

S: Yep, keep your eyes peeled for some up and coming Initails parties.  Hypercolour parties are already in full swing.  I also have a club night in my neck of the woods, Leeds called Lowbrow.
What advice would you give someone thinking of starting their own label?

D: Call me

S: Call Dave 🙂

What would you say are the positive/ negative aspects of Dance music in 2012?

D: Positive: there is still exiting music being created and the scene keeps throwing new bits in to the mix just when you think it’s getting a little monotonous, there’s a real reverence for House music form the past so the longevity of what we do seems to be cemented. Negative: the word/phrase EDM just sounds so awful – like a disorder for some kind.

S: Positive… Hypercolour, Glass Table, Losing Suki, Hype_Ltd & Initials.  Negative… Well, haha… Na I can’t say!
Not only has the tempo changed in House but songs/vocals are prevalent once again. Why do you think this has happened now?

D: For me House music came from disco, Soul & funk and for years the vocal was the most powerful part of house music, It’s hard to think of house music becoming what it did with the voices of Robert Owens, Barbara Tucker, Michael Watford and many more. Vocals in house are nothing new but there are lots of “new ears” out there who will find it like we did all over again.

S: Well my personal analysis is music is on a merry-go-round.  Good music will work all the way through, but realistically it always comes back round, but with a modern take of it!  This is how old and new work, it will always work! Hot tip, keep hold of all your music, because before you know it you will be dusting off the cobwebs, and reaping the glory.
Outside of House which artists/music has inspired you?

D :Jimi Hendrix, Jim Morison, Qunicy Jones
S: Bez… The lad had technique.!/pages/Initials/277052469028075


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