iO (Mulen Records/ One Records) Q&A

io picYour excellent new single ‘Mir’ for One Records is due out at the end of June. How did you get involved with the label?

Everything is simple, all the DJs are sharing music, and sometimes it gets into the right hands. My friend John Dimas listened to my tracks and shared them with Adam Shelton, one of the owners of One Records, who liked my tracks and said he wanted to release some of them. At the time the track  “Mir” was called “number 5”, and was signed to another label already, but after sending many tracks to Adam Shelton he insisted on the release of “number 5”, which I then agreed to.

Can you talk us through where the inspiration for the title track came from, and how you produced it (including any favourite pieces of studio equipment you like to use)?

My inspiration is an old school sound ‘garage’ style, which is music from my childhood and it always makes a fresh sounds fresh. You can always hear lovely style in my tracks, sampling the classic approach of “House makers”. I love to work with samples for arrangements by adding  “Roland Juno-60” synthesizer and “Roland TR-909”


 Cab Drivers have done the remix. Can you tell us about why you choose them?

I am very glad that those professionals have done a wonderful remix on my track. I have been a big fan of the label “Cabinet” for a long time, but the remix- was an arranged by Adam. Thanks to them for perfect work. They are unique in their sound.

Can you tell us about your Kiev based label: Mulen Records and any forthcoming plans?

Mulen rapidly continues to develop in music, design, online- projects. The Profilabel platform is running already, a lot of producers on all of the world like it and use it cause Profilabel has very convenient functionality and restrained design. We were joined to many new artists like beginners talents and approved itself in the music field. We continue to develop and work.

As we are entering the summer season I was wondering what your thoughts are on the big festivals in relation to Underground Dance music?

io festIn our time the festivals have risen to such a level that all people can enjoy the music and feel most liberated and create tremendous positive energy anywhere in the world. The strongest vibration of positive energy.

 Where can people get to hear you DJ next?

Ostrov festival, Fabric on the “One Records” label show-case, show-case Mulen in America. See you there!



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