Jackie Moore – I’m On My way – Big Break Records

This timely re-release of the singer’s 1979 album features her most well-known number, This Time Baby but the story digs deeper than that. Sleeve notes are from Malcolm McKenzie who explains it all in detail but for the purpose of this review the nuance is located purely in Jackie Moore’s richly resonate voice, which portrayed a full bodied range and depth of emotions, emanating from Rhythm and Blues though so clearly steeped in the classier end of Disco as that decade finally closed. Whether taking care of slower, reflective ballads such as Joe or tearing up the dancefloor, as any of the other tracks do, the influence of the Philly sound plays evidently throughout and it’s that quality which lends the music such longevity. Try, Can You Tell Me Why for an unadulterated rush of string-drenched excitement. Also of note of course are the additional versions which feature great remixes by John Luongo and Michael Barbiero of the albums other single, How’s Your Love Life Baby, plus a new reworking of the now classic, This Time Baby by Mike Maurro.

Release: December 1


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