Jackson Mico Milas – Blu Terra – Apollo Records

I was telling somebody about the liberating experience of listening to all types of music, not just within a narrow singular bandwidth, how exciting and freeing it is was. Perhaps the question here might be, why you wouldn’t want to listen to such carefully crafted, emotionally informed music such as this. In a way Jackson Mico Milas combines a wealth of influences into his craft while remaining resolutely himself in the process. The combining instruments range from plucked guitar to yearning strings alongside searching piano, drums and smooth bass to synthesized tones. It’s calming as much as it is melancholic, as much as it is rousing and soulfully charged. It is also simply about creating memorable moments which succeed in conjuring up pictures borrowed from your own lifetime. Dripping with warm words letting melody dance around the songs this makes for perfect, easy listening in the way that you feel so at home here.

Release: November 11
Buy https://apollorecords.bandcamp.com/album/blu-terra

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