James Teej – Solder Solder EP – Sagmen

Tough, brisk and beautifully funky are words that flow easily over this excellent production from James Teej. Dolby B is the sort of track that feels instantly epic as irresistible drums and taught electronic stabs punctuate your life in a series of stages with the whirring intensity of stark synthesizers creating an abundance of atmospheric charges playfully igniting all of the senses. Jay Tripwire delivers the remix that takes all of that and condenses it into a liquid mess of undulating notes and signatures excelling and exhilarating, pulsing along a future fuse hints of electro dance dangerously alongside chiming repetitions, plus the insistent splash of sophisticated hi-hats. Then to the title track itself which has Solder Solder reach for moodier climbs as slow voices suggest sinister intent, with another original Two Set Six completing the release returning once again to funkier rhythms to elevate proceedings.

Release: March 3

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