Jean Pierre, Jesse Calosso, Trangaz – 420 EP – Whippin Records

The kind of delirious intensity served up by these productions created by the trio of Jean Pierre, Jesse Calosso and Trangaz almost defied suitable description. But all the same this robust take on House is not to be messed with, firing forcefully on all cylinders. Take Jean Pierre’s title track, 420 which boasts a brutal kick and bass combination that feels just as dirty as it does life-affirming contrasted by the more subtle, funky percussive elements alongside smoky vocals leaving their own indelible impression. Remixed by MASON Collective who bring the Acid intention to the fore as insistent hi-hats plus punchy vocal edits spin off into the distance. Remaining originals: High Roller and the excellent heady, energised potency of Henny White complete this addictive array of sounds, beats and forward motion.

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