Jeff Mills – Extension – Axis Records

Listening to Rise allows you time to pause for thought. Like you are heading in a certain direction even if that location may not yet be obvious. Perhaps oblivious. What I like about the music that Jeff Mills currently creates is that it plugs into a future-past, feeling as if sounds congregate and evolve while feeding you with enough emotional intelligence to keep it grounded in the belief of the power of musical composition to genuinely mean something. The Storyteller then proceeds by adding beats to the equation as a misty eyed amalgamation of unfolding modular landscapes add mystery to the continuing conversation of questions and answers. Entanglement, completes the release via deeper inquiry combing Acid tones alongside whirring drones plus pulsating drum machines performed as if they were live in front of you, capturing intimate moments that tell you something of importance.

Release: November 25
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