Jesse Saunders ft The Force – It’s OK (2021) – Broken Records

Originally released back in 1986 Jesse Saunders now revisits the number with a fired-up, fresh enthusiasm. Featuring several interpretations covering all sorts of angles this feels very much more than a re-release, more like something new for 2021. Col Lawton’s addictive remix begins with insistent keys peppering the grooves full of excitable energy. Next is Mike Dunn’s deeper, equally captivating techno flavoured BlackBall version, followed by Jerome Baker’s brilliant Originator remix capturing the essence of the past reworking it with contemporary fervour. A loose funkiness is then crafted by the Thommy Davis & Sahib Muhammad Battery Acid Remix, leaving further takes by Rubber People & Jay B McCauley, Scottie Soul & Sen-Sei, and BB Hayes to all work magic.

Release: March 10

Traxsource pre-sale

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