Jichael Mackson – Flat Moon Society EP – RFR Records

In the way that anagrams like twists of fate surprise you by revealing their hidden meaning Jichael Mackson’s retelling of electronic sequence is nothing short of mind-expanding. Digital Dust begins by teasing your senses via a deliberate expanse of knowledge that plays deftly with sound and imagination in equal measure. Sitting somewhere between radical and chic and funk there are more ideas worked out in the course of its five minutes of existence than the time it takes to say disco re-edit. The inquisitive, impassioned strains of Family Biz follow by digging deeper into consciousness with hints of jazzy interpretation likewise hitting the five spot while containing a bassline to live for. Finally is ATH which reignites a passion for Acid rebelliousness in ways that simulate being dangerous alongside the seemingly bizarre and yet makes total sense of it all. Marvellous.

Release: August 3
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