Joao Paulo Esteves da Silva Trio – The River – Arjunamusic Records

Joāo Paulo Esteves da Silva’s sublime sprinkle of piano keys sing out like an enchanting evenings chorus on the album’s beginning The House Behind, sounding all at once inspired, eloquent and most gently persuasive. Accompanied notably by both the cool twang of Mário Franco’s hot, double-bass alongside the punctuating language of Samuel Rohrer’s free flowing percussion the trio collectively form words, moods amid a heavenly swoon of atmospheric release. Jazz is an eternal conversation and if you’re tuned into the delivery its inherent essence is both spirited and an important one, crisscrossing history’s timeline like the breath of no other musical form.

Despite the gathering intensity witnessed throughout this album its quite surprising just how on occasion notes are left to define their own space, feeling almost relaxed about their given moments to shine, yet jointly they signify an insistent robust exchange. Like that expression: Quiet/ Loud there is an equal majesty at play here. Try, amongst all others, Head/ Heart as it unleashes the rolling thunder of improvised piano, rumbling bass and punctuating drums. Which is then wonderfully contrasted by the serene strains of From Below sounding like a lost and found romance delicately bathed in an analogue moonlight. Overall, The River is a haunting, imaginative work handcrafted via the coming fall of autumn leaves, in other words it’s a beautiful, timely selection of musical narration.

Release: September 22

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