Joe Babylon – Solitude – Roundabout Sounds

Usually I begin at the point of describing how music feels, or at least makes you feel in response, whereas the thing that struck instantaneously with Joe Babylon’s productions are rather how they sound. Because it is the sonic breath of analogue in all its distinctive, organic, you could certainly say state of natural bliss, which captures your cognitive process so resolutely. Sometimes through the simple motion of repeating motifs, sometimes conversations via rugged instrumentation. That being said it becomes quickly apparent that the music itself contains grains of truth amid an incredible depth of feeling. You kind of get lost in each piece of uncomplicated and yet hot-wired to the soul number as they unfold in an earthy, poignant, evocative series of ways. It’s much like a story or an ambience that draws you in and keeps you there because there is no desire to leave their embrace.

At this juncture my suggestion is to listen in entirety to Solitude as it’s a process of communication. Not snippets or fractures but a series of glued together dialogues capturing a two-way aural necessity.

Release: August 21 Vinyl:

Roundabout Sounds · Joe Babylon – Solitude (Preview)

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