Johannes Malfatti – Surge – Glacial Movements

And the world keeps turning. If you recently tuned into Brian Eno’s latest escapade, the wondrous: Refection then I’d strongly suggest experiencing Johannes Malfatti’s quietly epic, aptly titled Surge for many of the very same reasons. I’ll avoid the word Ambient or Ambience here for no other explanation than pre-conceived ideas. If Eno’s record was for dipping in and out of at will, or feeding the background to your sub-conscious then perhaps Surge is all that but then again, perhaps that in itself is all the more significant an experience than cliqued electronics played out over mindless drums with unimaginative arrangements produced to cause some sort of mindless sensation. This is the opposite of that. It expands your mind. You can gaze out of the window, do anything you like while this plays. Endlessly evolving in a non-too specific way but which fires up your senses, letting you escape into or engage fully with them. The endless soundwave which constitutes almost an hour of your time makes the room feel bigger. It is pro-active yet soothingly passive. It was written in the Austrian Alps in the winter of 2016 and you can hear why.

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