John Reidar Holmes – The Forgotten Art of Living – Sores

The strange thing is…

Listening to Departure lounge feels like a rapid succession of every emotion you can experience wrapped up into one repeating sequence. It’s a pleasant sensation and yet it can also be unsettling. John Reidar Holmes has created a series of remarkable pieces of music here which fuse the impression of guitars and synthesisers together in spellbinding ways, evolving out of the rock n roll darkness into a newer tomorrow. The Forgotten Art of Living is the near perfect accompaniment to the four corners of sorrow, loss, joy and expectation. Take the meandering lengths of Dark Edge of Callisto which transports you in different directions via waves of sonic trajectory, playing like a happy church of organic sounds amid the stretching of darker imaginations. Or the soaring romance of Beneath the layers, or the final drift of melancholy launched by Nyx Beckons. All are the exception to the rule.


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