John Tejada – Sleepwalker – Palette Recordings

The element of electrifying danger running throughout John Tejada’s highly charged new album is little short of delirious. Tastefully combing a sense of defiant musicality together with emotionally telling technologies it proves to be music to stir your senses into some kind of provocative action. The opulence occupying the roller-coaster of keys, buzzes and noises of a nervous disposition are playfully augmented by thunderous drums alongside a deep commitment to bass resulting in being more about quality than fashionable cliché. And like all good selections it communicates on many levels, so much so that it feels inadequate to pick apart the tracks as they weave so wonderfully into one coherent story. Having said that the way the intense chronology of the opening Shattered unfolds is particularly outstanding fizzing with breathless expectation, spellbinding. Listen.

Released: March 18

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