Jon Zott – Make Plans – Love Story Recordings

The third number on Carly Foxx’s schedule is an absolute gem. And it’s with a breathless anticipation that I point you in the direction of Pezzner’s exemplary remix. Part of what I do is bringing you great music and as I’ve already played this to the point of no return it surely says something that it sounds just as vibrant with each refreshed play. It is hard to classify this as any given genre which is also a huge strength, or in other words it is simply excellent music. The beats reverberate in a dark, seductive way but when that deliciously, irresistible bassline hits all sense of time stops. Musically repeating motifs, occasional crackles and whirring synthesized lines all evolve in meaning over the course of almost nine minutes. I think you probably get the idea by now. Das Komplex then transforms it all into something else again with bass heavy rhythms and funky instrumentation reworking everything. Which leaves the original version and its breezy melody by Yellokake to present yet another story.

Release: October 27

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