Joram Feitsma – Ether

This record wants you to be quiet. To listen. To absorb all that it has to offer. Ether is an apt word to describe what surrounds the orbit of this collection of wonderful music from the composer Joram Feitsma. Textures, tones along with the architecture of sound are what’s at play here forming constructions of emotional turmoil that are all at once intense and heart-warming. The essence of Ether is its combination of classical and contemporary ideas perfectly fused together on Dusk as dark pads are augmented by delicate keys. Others times it is the lone tone of the piano providing the escape into other spaces of imagination, yet there is always an accompanying flutter in the breath adding a punctuating edge. Those heavy blasts of synthesizer almost fully engulf the experience as Hoede follows, while the beauty of melody is explored further on the outstanding, self-evident Sera. Meanwhile, There ends at the point where the sheer quality of thought provoking composition shines through time and distance.

Released: February 25

Joram Feitsma · Entzaubert
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