Jori Hulkkonen – Simple Music For Complicated People – My Favorite Robot Records

Reaching Jori Hulkkonen’s 21st artist album seems like an incredible feat in today’s easy come, easy go culture. But never the less each track is dedicated to producing the results that still speak clearly as to the artist’s unique field of vision. Nothing feels tired by now, if anything it’s the opposite seeing each piece of music remaining tantalising provocative. There is always something unsettling, slightly strange yet spiritually rewarding about the music on Simple Music For Complicated People. For example the stunning, electric atmospheres of Europe Starts With An E which sit beside the breathy, poignancy of Memory Times. Or the pacey Techno of Plastic Freedom that precedes the exceptionally titled: A Group of Scientist Write a Lo-fi Disco Track While on the Verge of Creating a General Artificial Intelligence. And it’s down to this sheer diversity that captivates as well as thrills throughout. To finish are the beautiful strains of piano that make up Blade Walker, again contrasting expectations, which in the end leads right back to the start as the shivery, treaded voices of 6n Jaakaappi set the scene for all that is yet to come.

Release: September 28

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