José Mauro – A Viagem Das Horas – Far Out Recordings

Originally recorded in 1970 but not released until six years later this is the sound of history and emotion coming to life. You can hear the hints of melancholy longing in amongst the joyous blasts and twists as horn punctuate and drums sizzle with José Mauro’s guitar strumming to the rhythm of it all charged, resplendent with feeling. You can hear the wealth of talent as the impressive array of musicians accompany the singer (notably his songwriting partner Ana Maria Bahiana) and it’s also that impact of melody and open tuning which strikes at the heart of it all. This new release comes with some additional tracks and it’s interesting to hear the rich range of influences informing the composition of the music from far and wide (you can almost hear the echo of Nick Drake at times), though all the while feeling uniquely, essentailly Brazilian.


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