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Hello and welcome to Magazine Sixty, Jovonn. Your brand new album: Timeless features a total of twelve tracks each capturing soul and inspiration, and is featured on your label Body ‘N Deep. Its been a while since you last artist album, so why does 2018 feel right for the release of this music?

I thought it was time to come back with a series of tracks introducing Body n Deep sound to todays deep house by mixing them up old and new style formula but still keep the true jovonn chords and bassline signature, i feel its the right time this year to cultivate my style by giving what the cool kids want to hear from a pioneer who has been doin this from the begining and still relevant to this day.

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It feels like a long time has passed since you began making records back in the early 1990’s yet you have retained certain essential qualities in your productions. Can you talk us through what’s most important in music for you, and what is about music that has the power to transcend time?

I think structuring making music is important to me ,you have to make scene when you start a track and where you’re going with it from the begining to the end and never be afraid to go beyond creating something different no one has ever done witch makes you different from everyone else. i truly believe being creative experimenting different sounds makes a big difference we have the power to change and continue to be a part of this spiritual feeling we call house, deep house , tech house ,techno and staying on top of your game by introducing yourself to the world .

Who are your most significant influences right now both within and outside of electronic music? Any particular artists, painters, writers etc who like to refer to for inspiration?

I’d say one myself I’m my own inspiration because its like a life journey i like to listen to my own music I’ve created in the 90s to what i achieved to this day .i get my other inspiration from guys like Apollonia ,Kerri Chandler, Dennis Ferrer, Robin Hood, Ricardo Villalobos, Joseph Capriatti, Marco Carola, as for famous painter Leonardo de Vinci for his writing as well as an artist and Vincent Van Gogh because this painting he did called ‘Cafe Terrace at Night’ brilliant painting when i look at it reminds me of the night life going out to eat and to a club afterwards helps me create the music i feel deep within me and as for writer i like James Patterson who is a serious suspense writer if your into that sort of thing 😂.

The vocal that creeps into Affection has a particular emotional charge to it. I was wondering how you felt about the progression of song writing in Dance Music (or the lack of it) since you began producing? And how do you feel about today‘s greater concentration of rhythm rather than song?

Realistically i don’t write any of my songs on paper i first create the track i close my eyes and listen to it i then put my headphones on and listen to it some more i feel the emotion of the track turn on the mic and press record and just sing what im feeling straight of the top of my head , I’ve done that to everything I’ve ever done for almost 30 years and if there’s something i didn’t like after recording i go back and edit as in record over so that it make scene. i think sometime in dance music dose lack vocals maybe because a lot of producers don’t write songs or theres a lack of writers who can write to deep house, techno but you will find loads of writers in soulful house because it has structure what i mean by that is they do full production like an R&B song in the late 90s i use to do that for example the Mary j Blidge Remix i did ( ‘Just Fine’ ) was full production and soulful but i decided to go back with what i am comfortable with and thats Deep House.

Tell us about your studio: BaseRoom. What do you love most about it? And do you have a favourite instrument or piece of software you always use?

Ahhhhh Yessss….my dear wattson my studio is my playground my getaway comfort zone and my private club , i turn out the lights ,click on my mobile laser light unit ,play on my pioneer decks and turntable from USB to Vinyl blast my sound system shaking the house or be creative making music , my now favorite instrument is my Native Instrument is my Komplete USB Keyboard controller connected to Maschine Studio i have Unlimited Sounds and Drum Sounds where i can be as creative as i want , i also use Digital Performer as to where everyone else use Logic i don’t use that software simply because everyone else in House Music uses that i rather be different and stay in my own lane , i also incorporates my hardware KORG, Triton ,Motif ,Mophat,Yamaha CS6x keyboards to make more of my olskool sounds im known for .

Is there a difference between playing in Europe, or elsewhere in the world, and in America? Do people prefer any different styles or is music a universal language?

Its a universal language to me because if you like hiphop and r&b , jazz to neo soul you certainly can get into house because you feel it its undeniable.

How would you describe the Dance Music scene in New York? Is it in a healthy state, are there any Clubs you like to check out?

Yes i think the dance music scene is doing well here in NewYork over in brooklyn williamburg is crazy, Output witch is my second home I’ve played there at lease 8 times ,Schimanski played there, Anolog , Now a days , Black Flamingo played there , Brooklyn Mirage are all awesome clubs ,theres a few i was told thats in development coming soon id like to check out for sure.

And finally. Please share with us your future plans for the remainder of 2018 and beyond?

Looking forward to tour play live keyboards and drum session along side playing the rest of the year and still make new music Looking to bring out new Talent to Body n Deep and do another album mid next year.

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