KaleidoSound: An Introduction by f5point6 – See Blue Audio

Hit play and R. Cleveland Aaron’s magical notation invigorates what you will hear as worlds collide and gently explode. The ambience at work here is not the breathy, washing over you in the background kind, but is fully engaging in strange and remarkably exciting ways. Otherworldly melodies are played with at times, sometimes beautiful notes are explored too such as on the stunning Altocumulus. At others an almost oriental channelling occurs, or is that the grainy, improvisational echo of freeform jazz in the distance? The treatment of sound twists around the stereo in forward-thinking ways which are never far from emotionally challenging/ rewarding in equal measure. Perhaps the proof is found in the concluding hot crackle of Sun Fire with its undulating keys which are both wholly precise, yet madly expansive: tearing at edges, speaking intelligent language in new forms.

Release: April 24


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