Kameelah Waheed – America The Beautiful – Ramrock/ Ramrock Blue/ Ramrock Red

It’s sometimes good to be lost in words when reacting to music and in the case of Kameelah Waheed you are flooded with a wealth of them washing over you in a sea of emotion. Musically this is as sweet as it comes fusing Funk together with hot blasts of Latin and Jazzy inflections all driving the power of human voice to distraction. And that’s just the Original version. Remixes come from the supremely gifted combination of Ashley Beedle, Darren Morris and Jo Wallace aka North Street West whose deftly executed 70’s inspired soundtrack lends the message a definite swing set to command the floor of any discotheque. Next is Bruise who creates a seriously intense rush of moments dancing to the tune of looping piano plus pounding bass and beats in what is ultimately a heaven sent piece of music. It is however worth saying again to never lose sight of what the words are telling you in a succession of poetic, militant, rousing ways.

Release: August 13
Buy https://fclrmusic.bandcamp.com/album/fclr014-kameelah-waheed-america-the-beautiful-bruise-remixes

Ramrock/ Ramrock Blue/ Ramrock Red · Kameelah Waheed – America The Beautiful – Original + NSW Remixes
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