Kenneth James Gibson – Further Translations – Meadows Heavy Recorders

Beginning at the point that this music generates a more personal conversation between artist and listener might be a good place to start our dialogue. The wealth of music currently being generated, which talks more about atmosphere and mood is almost overwhelming but I guess it is in some way now a true reflection of human beings and the society they find themselves in. Maybe that’s how an increasing number of people are finding credible release?

The remixes populating Further Translations are much like signals transmitting a divergence of stories, some brushing darkness, some uplifting and replenishing. It’s that range of emotions and thoughts which give this album such strength, not just in numbers but by creative process. Likewise it doesn’t get more intense than Scanner’s hypnotic version of Small Triumphs And Deep Disappointments, or indeed the haunting waves washing through Jack Dangers Columbarium Remix of David’s Pass. While you need only listen to Christopher Willits take on Poured Semi Silently Upon You for an exhilarating contrast. Or the solitary piano scoring depth of melancholy on Far From Home and Brian McBride’s stunning, Diminished Stories Remix. There are also some versions by Kenneth James Gibson himself with the reversed dangers of Small Triumphs And Deep Disappointments again highlighting fine detail and attention to the deeper properties inherent within the human condition.

Release: November 10

Headphone Commute · TRACK PREMIERE : Kenneth James Gibson – Far From Home (Brian McBride’s Diminished Stories Mix)
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