Khristian K. (Moira Audio Recordings) Q&A

Hello and welcome to Magazine Sixty, Khristian. Can we start by congratulating you on the launch of your new label Moira Tools, the sublabel of Moira Audio Recordings. What is the purpose of the additional label and can you tell us about the philosophy behind it?

Hello everybody, thank you for asking me! Thanks your cute words about Moira Tools. The purpose is to make a real heavyweight imprint, with undoubtedly outstanding productions. You know, the place for Music.

The first release is from yourself: Eruption and from Reclame: Riaffiorire. Can you talk us though where the inspiration came from for Eruption and how you then produced the track?

Yes the first one is by me and my friend Reclame. Inspiration for Eruption came actually quickly, when I listened some fieldrecordings we made together with my girlfriend last winter while visited the Danube riverside to watch icebreaking. So I just put a tape delay on one of those recordings started to play with and it’s just catch me, hypnotized me and in the next „moment” it was almost done. So „Eruption” is typically a one-run tune. I use Ableton Live with several controllers to let me adjust the details and used to record my tunes live in few runs. As happened with Eruption too.


You began DJ’ing back in 1996. Which DJ’s/ Clubs first inspired you to do so, and can you tell us about what the scene is now like in your native Hungary?

Hahh Omg yeah it was 21 years ago when I started dj’ing in Moment Club at Szolnok in the teenager disco parties. I really loved at that time Jeff Mills’s dj sets. His mixing style amazed me to start doing it properly.

About the Hungarian scene, the best thing is we have many musically different hubs now, so the „menu” for a partyhead is very colorful. You can and you will find an eventseries serving your kind of music even if it’s dubtechno or tech house or techno. Sometimes even it is simply overdosed with headliners but it’s should be a good thing. So we like many kind of music.. For example during the forthcoming weekend will perform at Budapest: Ame, Monika Kruse, Andrea Oliva, Sis, Gilb’r, Saboar…

You are outspoken champion of the ‘The Underground’. What does the term mean for you? And how do you see the future of ‘The Music Business’ in terms of making a living from it and also about how music is consumed?

Haha, I don’t think so I am champion of anything. I just doing my mission. Anyway, underground means less audience, in pretty short term. But underground should mean that where music is not served FOR the audience linked to 1-2 purpose. Is where the music discover and expand it’s own boundaries. And nowadays we live in an era where there are no boundaries anymore.

In fact, I think we go to a wrong direction with Music Business. Everything is changed and now artists pay for it to show their new content for their own followers. It’s bad. It totally changes the direction and the purposes too. I would not be the person to tell it’s a good thing or not, when a producer is have to be a good social media manager, needs to know about marketing and targeting (wtf) instead of be an outstanding producer/dj. Maybe I am old fashioned, but I cannot believe this is the right way.

How do you feel about songs/ vocals in Dance Music? What do you think can be said without words?

Well, is a hard question. Because I believe we can spread without words. But a voice used as an instrument is organically can make a trustfully and positive vibe within a song. I mean speeches or as effects are okay, but we don’t need singers. We all imagine different things while listening a song, so it’s better for all of us, to not put in our mouth what we should feel or think.

Who designs the Artwork for label? And how do they represent what Moira Audio Recordings is about?
I am who made all the artworks on the labels. The main idea is a connection. This kind of music can be called as lonely music because we usually dance alone on the dancefloor. So that’s why I usually use space or landscape photos and edit them. All in feeling is somehow connected to the music.

You have a label showcase happening in December which looks very exciting. What’s the story behind that?

Oh yes! It will happen on the 2nd of December at RNDM Bar, Moscow. It’s a very meaningful thing, because it is our first label showcase. And it’s happening in Moscow, where I always wanted to play. And I am super excited because finally I can meet with the Russian Moira boys, Vadim Lankov, ENTER and Dip among with Weltschmerz who is the keyperson for this event actually. He came few months ago with an idea to make a Moira Audio Showcase at Moscow. And suddenly it’s happening now.

And finally. What are your plans for moving into 2018?

There will come 2 vinyl releases with me and the third is under negotiation right now. Several interesting collaborations also will pop up with friends, also I would definitely love to continue the showcases around. But my plan is simple: more vinyl’s, more gigs.
Thank you for your time!

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