Kindisch Stories presented by Dance Spirit – Kindisch

Dance Spirit have been producing some stunning music for this past number of years so it was with some excitement that they get to portray their own unique blend of sights and sounds on this excellent compilation from Kindisch. As you should expect the music is sonically charged full of passion for forward-thinking ideas that positively brim and sizzle with the here and now. Featuring a number of their own productions plus with a series of exclusive remixes of the label’s back catalogue the duo pulzarise your senses by both dark and funky rhythms coupled with a sense of present danger. Plenty of highlights to express here but just a couple like their own remix of YokoO ‘Arid’, Ben Hoo ‘Modal’ and Nick Galemore’s ‘Redesigned’ are certainly breath-taking standouts for starters.

Release: April 21

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