Kit Grill – Ride – Primary Colours

Listening to Ride causes a strange dilemma. One on hand you reach out for those time defining albums from the early eighties (for me that begins with The Cure’s, Seventeen Seconds) which altered how guitars and synthesizers intertwined. Yet on the other you simply relish revisiting the influence of these sounds as they still resound magnificently. Of course it would be lazy to not to dig further especially given the beautifully captured waves of emotion rushing through each of the numbers. There’s an innate quality which chimes with melancholy created via these particular electronic instruments and you can hear the echo of various bands which have influenced the thinking here. But again that doesn’t detract from the here and now. The opening, Night strikes at the heart of it all with brushes of seemingly lonely atmosphere offset by the pulse of indiscriminate melody. While the positive strive of Forward sets pulses racing elevating what is once again possible through this timeless medium. Indeed, it’s quite remarkable the sheer extent, the width and scale of notes, moods and colour found, that are then succinctly celebrated by Kit Grill.

Release: November 6

Kit Grill · Forward

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