Konstruct – Soundworks

Words don’t really serve this experience well. It’s like letters hitting a wall and failing in disarray as the music is so all encompassing, to an almost frightening degree, that it almost proves difficult to formulate the meaning contained within the airwaves. Captured from a live performance at Ground Works last year these five tracks created by Andrew Heath, Simon McCorry and Phonsonic feature a range of instruments and synthesizers alongside treatments plugged into an electrical free-flow of improvisational thought. It is both deeply personal/ deeply intense like closing your eyes and letting go: ‘Taking inspiration from our activity within and our imposition on the landscape and nature around us’. It is also about light and shade and the colours in-between linking to your emotional response and is at times quietly reassuring as it is at others lost and wonderfully melancholic.

Release: January 21
buy https://simonmccorry.bandcamp.com/album/soundworks

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