Kris Menace: interview & new album review

Who inspired you to first get into producing music?

I grew up surrounded by music lovers. My father was a record collector for Soul, Disco, R n B, my mum loves classic and my sister was into electronical music around the time it all started… whenever I listened to music as a kid I knew that this is what I have to do…
I first went in a professional studio when I was around 13 or 14 years old. My first studio partner became one of my best friends over the years and also founded Work It Baby with me. He´s not into music anymore, but we are still very, very good friends.

Can you describe the process of creating your new album, Electric Horizon? How did you go about creating your favourite sounds?

Whenever I do music I just play around and do what I like. Sometimes I start with a beat, sometimes I have a melody which stuck in my head. My whole thinking is based around melodies so it’s easy for me to complete a composition. With the melody I already know what kind of sound it should have and as I know my studio and synths quite well, I´m very fast in searching for what I already have in my mind. 

You collaborated with Ninja Tunes’ Hexstatic on your current singles, Falling Star & eFeel. Tell us about that how that came about?

I’ve always been a huge fan of Hexstatic since they released their first album. I always wanted to work on their track “Space Invaders” and was able to do this with Hexstatic for mine and their 2009 albums. My ex-manager was the flat mate of Robin from Hexstatic and so the contact was made quickly. When I finished “Falling Star” I immediately e-mailed Hexstatic and Robin was really up for doing the video´s to the singles. We also worked together on a live show which took part a few weeks ago in Barcelona Razzmatazz.

You have remixed everyone from Lana Del Rey to Depeche Mode. Do you have any favourites and why?

I don’t have favourites but of course I’m very happy that I’m able to remix such great artists. I really love to collaborate and to remix other people, even though, I recently stepped back a bit from remixing thru the fact that I want to concentrate more on my own music now.

How would you describe your sound and which artists have influenced you?

I think whenever I listen to a song, if I like it or not, I take something out of it. So I’m influenced by everything I ever heard, ever saw, ever tasted. That’s your personality. You are who you are because you experienced what you experienced. So my sound has everything really.
I personally can’t even describe sometimes what I’m doing there… if it’s Techno or Disco or House or whatever… I just don’t care and do what I like…

What can we expect to hear next from your labels: Compuphonic and Work It Baby in 2012?

The Lana Del Ray remix will be soon out on Work It Baby. My album “Electric Horizon” will be out in April together with some single releases like “We Are” feat the Kiki Twins. After the summer I’m gonna release a vocal album which I just finished and where I teamed up with a lot of amazing vocalists… I also started some band projects… I’m really looking forward to all the releases in 2012…


Kris Menace
Electric Horizon

All you have to do is hit the play button and Electric Horizon will take care of the rest. The review could almost end there. Indeed in ways the album feels like one endless cosmic track, but if you’re tuned into European electronic music deriving from the lines of Giorgio Moroder then this album will excite you in ways you doubted possible in 2012. Of course, that’s not in any way to limit the power and scope of this beautifully crafted music which also touches upon many contemporary bases in its process. The opening single, Falling Star will explain everything to you in plain English, although it actually took until track 5 before even noticing the complete absence of vocals – which says something about the music’s capability in itself. If you loved Kris Menace’s first album then this is even better, by far. 9!/krismenace


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