Kurt Uenala feat. Dave Gahan – Manuscript – hfn music

Where to begin. Cracks Are Showing is a slowing breath-taking piece of music delivering on its promise of dark, poetic beauty in amongst a buried landslide of blazing synthesizers. Longing then provokes a slip and slide of loss and memory over a caustic rub of keys, lonely and yet super exhilarating. The mood then steps up on Get Out as heavy drums explode over Dave Gahan’ s brutal vocal, while the cosmic breath of G.O.D tempts fate via blistering envelopes seeking out an expanding another universe. I Think Not completes with a chime of melodic charge igniting the possible over two minutes of equally crisp, searching questions poised and delivered as before. Stunning. Delivering divine disruption.

Release: December 16
Buy https://kurtuenala.bandcamp.com/album/manuscript

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