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La French - Pre-Post

When caffeine has lost its grip and the night has descended its music such as this that provides tantalising moments to savour. Like opening an unexpected present reminding you of the power of sound to remain exciting, to exercise in notes and timeframes as translation of the everyday into to something all the more powerful and exotic. Providing an almost otherworldly fusion of Jazz, Ambient atmospheres along with a wired and wonderful sense of occasion. Composed by Luke French the music trips out of the stereo accompanied by a breath of voices, or the rhythmic pulse of the art of seemingly lost musicianship. Either way, Pre-Post confirms there is still life to be found out there in contemporary musical experience.

Dreams can be sometimes broken as you travel through the landscape of this album, try the intense, taught drumming of NBA 95-97 as it bursts through the haze, complimented by speech being revisited revealing a probably poignant Vietnamas as a timely contrast. The sublime is reached for on These Peculiar Anecdotes and so the story goes on informing the realisation of what it is. Which is to simply say this is a brilliant album containing brilliant, searing into the consciousness music. Simple.

Release: August 11 (10” Lathe Cut Vinyl and Digital)

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