Lady Blackbird – Collage – Foundation Music

If you were wondering where the heart of Soul Music is (that lineage emanating from Gospel, likewise Rhythm and Blues) then perhaps the question is answered here. I’ve always loved the power of song and without exception Lady Blackbird’s heartfelt words are delivered most exquisitely, albeit scarred by an edge of pain. This is the third single to be taken from her debut album, the self-defining Black Acid Soul and for me it’s the free floating musicality of the original version that sears its commitment onto the soul. Allowing the yearning melodies space to really get under your skin, the punctuation provided by the cool breeze of stand-up bass alongside heavenly piano and emotive brush of strings all combine to create something truly special. Remixes come from Bruise aka Christian Campbell (Sona Vabos) and Darren House (Xpress-2, Ballistic Brothers) who add the punch of House beats and fiery keys into a rousing dancefloor arrangement. Plus from the elegant, downtempo grooves of Greg Foat whose remix compliments perfectly via warm, jazzy inflections celebrating the message.

Release: November 13


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