Loraine James – Gentle Confrontation – Hyperdub

Loraine James translates life into five broken pieces, reconfigures the blame, then reassembles fragments of hope and despair in an equal, yet uneven order. If I was a typical music journalist it might well say that Gentle Confrontation is an album of significant importance, both as part of being human and that of living somewhere in the UK with all of its consequent joy and pain, feeling the wash of dirty greys amid blue sunshine skies overhead.

Again, I might seek to touch upon the historic blend of Jazzy reflections plus the hidden, smoky rhythms as they explore uncertain territories. Like everything heard has been soaked up then transcribed from drums and bass to split the atom Ambience, to teary, soulful expression from way back when. It is likewise a celebration of every point of musical reference worthwhile rolled into one. I would also feel the need to include words such as, narrative (sic) and all of those other clichéd terms endlessly repeated into a host of boredom. Maybe touch upon the cinematic nature of events as this storyline of life crashes through the lens of day and night. Maybe, after all is said and done, this is more simply a heartfelt reflection of a stroll through the potential everyday chaos of being alive with its cascading trips and falls, illusions mirroring dreamy desires.

Words drift into view, speaking to be listened too, as drums and musical excellence crumble leaving the seemingly vast array of here and there sounds to grasp for air, emerging in spine-tingling moments, testifying to the sheer power of this discourse. I would also like to say that it is likely to be one of the most significant albums this year. Just because it is. Also because it sequences city life into a language of the sometimes inner turmoil that sits so readily with the self-conscious explanations of what, why or who to know, listen too, or be influenced by. It’s an individual statement in the very real sense of the saying and that truly counts for something of worth in these days of merely fitting in.

Release: September 22
Buy https://lorainejames.lnk.to/GentleConfrontation

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