Lost Souls Of Saturn – Holes In The Holoverse – R&S Records

We’re always up for the conceptual when ideas seek to overcome, stimulate and provoke. I listened to LSOS aka Seth Troxler and Phil Moffa’s first release from their debut EP with something akin to amazement. While a key element of the production feels plugged directly into Chicago or Detroit from a lost 1980’s – it’s the bassline which in ways drives this all forwards – it is also very much down to the wild and wonderful array of brilliant sounds that succeed in causing equal parts havoc and intrigue. Ever so slightly tripped-out, tearing at the edges noises which are precisely what music requires to keep on rejuvenating. And if further proof is needed gaze upon the accompying video, feeling your mouth drop open as words of disbelief explode forth – like a compilation of everything that ills the world, worse still you just know it already.

Buy http://smarturl.it/lsos-holoverse

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