Lowering – Sleep in Perpetual Storm – Disintegration State

Some of the most beautifully inspiring movements and moments exist without the foundation of drums, signified by the sole occupation of mood coloured by emotion and atmosphere. Falling into a breathless bliss of the imagination, but does that mean overlapping sounds only eventually evolve into themselves, not actually going anywhere? Perhaps, but as with all music it’s the emotional reaction it causes which testifies as to its importance. A sense of turmoil populates this series of drone inspired pieces by Lowering with the wild range of feelings and pictures generated solely by the twisting together of a diverse, bewildering electricity of notes and noises. Tear back the surface and sometimes a wondrous rush of happiness gets exposed just like that on, Derecho. At first I thought the swirling ambience, pads and chiming resonance was situated in only one of life’s aspects, as melancholy sequences drifted past grabbing meaning in one-sided almost sombre ways. But, by the second listen these notions also sat more comfortably alongside a thrilling sense of uplift. As time elapses and you reach Gone, with its gentle piano motifs, it is easy to think that album is quite excellent, exhilarating in fact. And, as the final number, the expansive fifteen minutes which comprise In Our Time completes (with just a hint of a drum pulse) you realise these soundwaves are all that is required, rippling with sensation, equal to the life-affirming action of any other music: Cause and Effect.

Release: February 8


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