M. Vaughan – Portland Headlights – Freerange Records

A sense of mystery unfolds while the opening keys infect the airwaves with a sense of curious trepidation via the life-fuelling Nostrand Ave ft DJ Heure. Then the bassline hits. Feeling resolute and perfect. A brilliant production in anyone’s book this engages you in ways lacking in some electronic/ dance music because it illuminates the imagination, causing thought as well as monument. In ways it reminds me of something from Nu Groove years ago but then that is simply a compliment and a half. Next, and I love this fact, is Portland Headlights which refers to the historic lighthouse which has been signalling to ships in Casco Bay since 1791. Dreamy rushes of keys drift under a wealth of breathy, emotive voices and once again the word sublime applies to this concoction of spiritually rich music. The Garrett David Remix adds shuffling percussion and a more ‘danceable’ flair to his arrangement, but either way an outstanding piece of music and release from M. Vaughan and likewise Freerange.

Release: April 19



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