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Hailing from Mexico City, Pahua was originally the lead singer of Sotomayor and is now exploring solo projects and her many talents as a DJ, producer, singer-songwriter, and percussionist. The Mexican multi-talent has now joined the Razor-N-Tape roster to release her ‘Habita Remix EP’ with new interpretations of her music from label co-head JKriv, John Beltran, Captain Planet, Tigerbalm, Clive From Accounts, Poirier, Prince of Queens, and Beltram all delivering new takes of Pahua’s stunning source material.

Pahua was born and raised in this great city so we wanted to get the lowdown on where to shop, buy records, eat, and party from someone in the know. Read on to find out what to do in this fascinating city.

What is your relationship with the city you live in and its culture?

Mexico City is vibrant and magical. You have pyramids, parks, woods, a diverse selection of museums, forums, beautiful neighborhoods, great for music and art.

How have you seen it change much and in what way?

It has changed a lot with gentrification. Now there are a lot of new buildings in certain neighborhoods and works in progress with constructions for new highways.

How much of your identity comes from where you live?

All of it. My sound is a mix of the Mexican Cumbia sound and textures, and also melodies that are more into the antique Folklore sound that comes from Bolero and Mexican pop culture.

What is your favourite place to sit and watch the world go by in Mexico City?

I guess Chapultepec. It’s like our Central Park, but with a lot more areas that have woods, a place to run, to play, a skatepark and to hear music.

What is your favourite live music venue and why?

It’s Centro Cultural España which is downtown and has a very spectacular view of the Cathedral. The sound in that place is amazing and very warm.

What is your top tip for a good restaurant?

There are a lot, but to take Mexican food and dishes with real tradition, I guess “El Bajio”. The food is great!

What is your favourite bar and why do you like it?

Felina Bar, in the neighborhood called Escandón. This place is similar to a speakeasy, very elegant, but not fancy, the mixology and music is top.

Felina Bar, Mexico City, D.F., Mexico – Bar Review | Condé Nast Traveler

What is the best club where you are?

Looloo. They have amazing acoustics and is great for the electronic music scene. Also, I like Club Colima for selectors and DJs.

Tell us your tip for a record shop?

There are many. My recommendation is Casa Calypso. Great selection, uniqueness, and variety of music styles. It’s in La Roma.

What do you think is the most interesting fact about Mexico City?

Mexico City was built on the ruins of the Aztec capital Tenochtitlan. So, it’s an interesting mix between ancient and modern culture.

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